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Student Employment

On-Campus jobs are overseen by the Student Employment office, Tech Central, 4th floor. An on-campus job is more than just a paycheck and an easy commute. On-campus jobs will teach you valuable skills for your future career. Just like the real job market, acquiring on-campus jobs can be competitive. View our resume and cover letter resources for tips on standing out in any job market, or speak with a Career Coach or professor about your job application.

Student Employment
Tech Central, 4th Floor / 312.567.6802
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View Frequently Asked Questions Here.

For Students
1. Apply for On Campus Job
You can find both Federal Work Study (FWS) and Non-FWS jobs through Jobs4Hawks.
1. Log-in to your Jobs4Hawks link account
2. Go to the CSM job tab and search for 'IIT'
3. In the search results, look for IIT-Oncampus Jobs. This is the employer where all the IIT on-campus jobs are posted.
Good Luck!

Note: We ask that student do not hand deliver resumes to departments to apply to on-campus jobs.

2. Submit your Paperwork
If you are offered an on-campus job, all of the forms listed below (excluding instructions) need to be printed, completed, and then submitted to the One Stop, located in the McCormick Tribune Conference Center (MTCC). Review the I-9 instructions for a list of acceptable documents to submit with your paperwork. Staff member at the One Stop are trained to explain instructions if you have questions.
Student Employment Forms:
I-9 Packet (with instructions)
Federal W-4
Illinois W-4
IMPORTANT: Employment Law states that students are not permitted to start working until all paperwork has been submitted and approved. Students must wait to receive an email from the Office of Student Employment stating they can work. Failure to submit paperwork will delay your on-campus start date.

3. Complete Timesheets
In order to get paid, you must complete a timesheet every two weeks, which is approved by your supervisor. Timesheets are entered in your MyIIT portal under your "Work tab", which appears once your paperwork is submitted. Refer to the Student Employee Timesheet Manual for detailed information about submitting your timesheets and ask your supervisor for assistance if you have questions.
Late Timesheets
If you miss a timesheet deadline, your payment may be delayed. Tell your supervisor right away and then fill out a Timesheet Adjustment form. This is a paper timesheet and must be signed by your supervisor and submitted to Student Employment in Tech Central, 4th floor, 4B9-1
We strongly encourage students to sign up for direct deposit using the form below. If you do not have direct deposit, Accounts Payable will issue you a check, which will be mailed to the address on file in your MyIIT portal. Please update this address with your preferred mailing address!
For Faculty / Staff
How to Hire a Student
  1. Attend an Approver Workshop hosted by Student Employment (coming soon)
  2. Sign in or create an account in Jobs4Hawks.
  3. Follow instructions to complete a job description. (Note the minimum wage in Illinois is $8.25 per hour.)
  4. Accept applications.
  5. Interview candidates.
  6. Hire a student employee (follow-up with students who were not selected).
  7. Prior to the start date, tell the student to print and complete the paperwork sent to them by Student Employment. Paperwork is submitted at the One Stop in the MTCC.
  • All on-campus jobs must be posted through Jobs4Hawks.
  • Students are not permitted to start work until their employment documents have been approved. Please wait until you receive an employment authorization email from Student Employment.
  • We recommend putting an application deadline one week before you anticipate reviewing applicants, so Career Services staff has time to review resumes and cover letters.
For Supervisors / Approvers
Supervisors, please see the links below:

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